Project Idea No. 775
By: Lambeh Sibyl from ,

"I love Mahjong"

I have had an amazing exchange year so far and living in the United states. I have made many memories and gone through various experiences as an exchange student that will be helpful and will impact my life forever. My host mom and I have had some amazing times together especially when playing American Mahjong one of our favorite games. Mahjong is a tile game that originated in China it was being played in China in the mid to late 1800s, and was brought over to the United States in the 1920s. I will admit the first time I was introduced to the game I really never liked it because I found it boring, difficult and complicated to understand. I had never won a single game after playing a couple of times and getting familiar with the game. My host mom and I went to New York for spring break we had an awesome time, we visited many places and ate in really cool restaurants in New York where I was able to meet some few people from Africa who lived there. The New York trip was very memorable to me because I made mahjong, I was able to win my first game and so this made me very happy and excited about the game so I took a picture of how I won my first game and sent family and friends back home. When we got back from New York we played on the weekends with some friends who came over and this helped me become more familiar and getting extremely better at the game. Mahjong Today, Mah Jong is more popular than ever, spanning the globe. Although it continues to have a greater level of recognition and popularity in Asia, it is continuing to grow and become a part of American game playing year after year. I am very happy because I have had a great time playing this game with my host mom and learned that nothing comes easy and winning is not always the main aim because playing American mahjong has also made me realise that we have to always give it a try and make an effort in other to be able to learn something new that we find difficult at first because it eventually becomes more easy when we try and learn more about new things. I have had an awesome time learning more about the American culture and values with the help of my host mom, friends and the AFS (American Field Service) organisation.

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