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Project Idea No. 1020
By: Anna Strautmanis from Cedarburg highschool , Wisconsin

Feminine hygiene help for the women of Kenya

⅔ of women in Kenya can not afford sanitary pads. As a young woman, who lives in the US, feminine hygiene products seems like an effortless thing that is easily accessible and widely talked about. But this is not the case for the women of Kenya. My goal is to induce well-being by helping Kenya girls get sanitary health and products. Another goal is to improve the education on menstrual cycles and that its okay to talk about the menstrual cycle. My third goal is to reduce inequality. To show women its okay to be who they are and that they shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves. Along with showing that its okay to say no and to have their own rights. Together, we can make these changes. We can protect and share love with the women of Kenya.

Focus on Kenya

This project addresses the following sustainability goals in Kenya: