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Project Idea No. 1028
By: Mandira Ganti from Redmond High School, Washington

Ancient Women Empowering Egyptians Today

The goal of this project is to drive the awareness of successful women leaders of Egypt into the daily lives of future generations. In this project, one school will add a neck-tie to the daily uniform of all their students. This neck-tie will have a picture of the ancient female pharaoh, Hatshepsut, stitched onto it. From wearing Hatshepsut's face on just a small part of their clothes every day, both boys and girls from Egypt will understand the power of women, and their importance in the working community. By recognizing the importance of women and keeping them empowered in schools, both "Quality Education" and "Gender Equality" will be increased. Also, by inspiring women to join the workforce, they will increase household income and work towards a goal of "No Poverty".

Focus on Egypt

This project addresses the following sustainability goals in Egypt: