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Project Idea No. 1039
By: Mya Brown from Newark Charter School, Delaware

Project Plant a Seed (PPS)

The primary goal of PPS is, providing farmers and community members with quality seeds and gardening supplies they can use to plant fruits and vegetables. In addition, PPS would teach farmers and those who work directly with the program how to harvest more efficiently. Did you know micronutrient deficiencies are common in developing countries (including Sub-Saharan countries), where access to a balanced and diversified diet is a challenge ? Many children and women of reproductive age are suffering every year from deficiencies in micronutrients, due to insufficient or low consumption of food sources that are rich in micronutrients, such as fruits and vegetables. If you want to be apart of the fight to end hunger and help people live healthy lives then please click the heart below :)

Focus on Ghana

This project addresses the following sustainability goals in Ghana: