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Project Idea No. 948
By: Solveig Argo from Baraboo High School, Wisconsin


What if there was a way to break the cycle of poverty for a girl? What if a country's economy soared an astounding 3% more from girls who graduated from secondary school compared to those who didn't? These are true facts that were released in 2016 along with a report that stated that more than 130 million girls were not in school that year and less than 5 million had a secondary education, so lets find a way to bring those numbers down and to put girls in school so they can support their families and communities. Self-expression of a girl is important because she realizes her potential is the most important part of her breaking the cycle of poverty, but why? Girls who realize their potential push themselves to break away from poverty, they fight and they want to change the lives of other girls and women impacted. This is the biggest reason to push for girl's education because when they believe in themselves enough to push others to do the same that's where everyone is happy, from families making an income to girls getting educated it's a win for everyone. Reading this essay, I hope you try to find a reason to support girls education, this issue deserves to be recognised as a global issue and world leaders need to recognise it's significance and the goal of getting all girls in school should be a reason that inspires all of us to fight for the girls who aren't in school. There are many sides of the issue that I don't engage in except to include the facts which depending on what the issue means to you can vary. In that regard, I ask that you respect the efforts done by nonprofits and NGO's and to respect the global leaders working on this issue.

Focus on Kenya

This project addresses the following sustainability goals in Kenya: