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Project Idea No. 971
By: Gabrielle Walker from Century High School, Minnesota

A Community for the People

My project is centered around community planning that will impact many parts of life in this community. In my paper I outline many ways to help a developing community such as citizen involvement in planning, public transportation in the form of busses and bikes, waste management and clean energy, supporting small local businesses to bring more jobs and money into the local economy, and public safe spaces. However, one of the most important aspects I focused on was citizen involvement because without the support of the citizens than the community will not work. Rosabeth Moss Kanter put it best when she said “When we do change to people they experience it as violence, but when people do change for themselves they experience it as liberation.”. If the community is not healthy and happy then we have failed as community planners.

Focus on China

This project addresses the following sustainability goals in China: